Infant Mental Health for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Risk Factors for Infant Mental Health Issues
Risk factors for social-emotional problems:

Emotional, intellectual or physical disabilities
Irritable temperament
Low birth weight.
Serious medica conditions
Chronic medical conditions
Lead exposure
Developmental delays

Domestic violence
​Parent with history of adverse caregiving relationship (ghosts in the nursery
Parent with mental health problem
Parent with depression 
Parent with substance abuse issues
Parents who are harsh or inappropriate
Parent with history trauma

Consider further evaluation if infant:

Has feeding issues
Has sleep issues
Has sad affect
Avoids eye contact
Is anxious or clingy with caregiver
Shows no sign of stranger anxiety or no strong attachment to at least one adult 
Does not mold when held or appears uncomfortable being held
Gets upset easily
Difficult to comfort
Mother is depressed 

References and Resources:

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