Infant Mental Health for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Review Questions
1. Which of the following is NOT a foundational concept of infant mental health?

oSocial-Emotional Development
oToxic Stress

2. At what age does the social smile generally appear?

o2 weeks
o4 weeks
o6 weeks
o8 weeks

3. By what point in time, should a mental health assessment be completed for an infant placed in out-of-home care?

oWithin 7 days
oWithin 15 days
oWithin 30 days
oWithin 60 days

4. What percent of infants in low-risk samples exhibit a secure attachment?


5. On average, what is the longest sleep period seen in the one month old infant?

o2-4 hours
o5-7 hours
o8-10 hours
o11-13 hours

6. Which social-emotional milestone usually emerges last?

oCommando Crawling
oPrefers Parents Voices
oRecognizes Unique Smell of Mother
oStranger Anxiety